Our Services

Repurposing content assets for different uses and new markets.


Repurposing content will allow you to maximize the reach and engagement of your content, which helps grow your brand online.

Creating new incremental revenue sources.


Incremental revenue sources are essential to a company’s growth strategy as they help to drive top-line growth.

Broadening Brand Reach.


Broadening your Brand Reach helps increase brand awareness and improves your ROI.

Providing custom-tailored client workshops and planning meetings to improve their products, services and lead generation.


Our client workshops get you actively involved in the process. These workshops help us collaborate more effectively and allow you to better define your content.

Soliciting new customers for clients.


Adding new customers to your existing customer base can increase sales, which leads to increased profits.

Monetization strategies.


Monetization increases revenue, provides access to new customers, and gives you the ability to market your content on a larger scale.

Drive profit


Higher profit gives you to ability to invest in more research and development, leading to better content in the long-term.

Reach new markets


Reaching new markets helps your business adapt to ever-changing consumer needs and industry trends.

Expand content distribution


Expanding content distribution increases brand visibility and reach, enhances credibility and results in higher engagement and conversions.

Copyright protection


Copyright protection puts others on notice that your work is protected by copyright and that you are the owner.

Accelerate positioning in new distribution channels


Increasing distribution channels helps develop new target markets and identify consumers you’d like to reach via previously unexplored channels.

Position content beyond core markets and current product positioning


Positioning your content beyond core markets helps you establish how consumers perceive you to gain a competitive advantage.

When a Company creates information products for their core customers, vast amounts of this content are valuable to other audiences if properly packaged and repositioned. Identifying new audiences and developing strategies to monetize the “hidden assets” within content offerings is a hallmark service of Creative Licensing International.

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