An Entire Team of Experts At Less Than The Cost of One Employee!

Outsourcing your content licensing business so you can concentrate on your core business.

Outsourcing Provides:

  • Established wealth of knowledge and experience
  • Negotiating expertise
  • Tested and proven processes
  • Royalty tracking and analysis
  • Contract management
  • Licensee management

If you’re not:

Distributing Your Content
on 6 Continents

Licensing to Both Wholesale
& Retail Licensees

Renegotiating Before
Each Renewal Period

Comparing Royalties Against
Similar Content

Monitoring & Auditing
Your Royalties

Then we can guarantee that you are not maximizing the value of your content archives.

Partner with Creative Licensing International

We deliver measurable results to your business by:

Developing New Revenue Streams

Reaching New

Extend Your Brand’s Reach

Expanding Your Business Into New Global Markets
& Distribution Channels

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Our Commitment

➲ Increase Your Profits

➲ Find You New Customers

➲ Drive You New Revenue without Cannibalization

➲ Increase Your Brand Reach

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