Project Syndicate Taps Creative Licensing International to Boost North America Content Distribution

Project Syndicate Taps Creative Licensing International to Boost North America Content Distribution

Publisher Marks 30 Years of Sharing Award-Winning Content from the Greatest Minds in the World

Project Syndicate produces high-quality, original opinion commentaries by the most informed, and influential voices from around the world. Topics cover everything from international economics, finance, politics and world affairs, sustainable development, culture and society, and growth and development. Members include 500+ media outlets in over 156 countries. In 2023, 688 contributors were published, and translated in 66 languages.

“We’re excited to work with Creative Licensing International to expand our content into North America”, said Nicolas Chatara-Morse, Project Syndicate’s CEO. “CLI has deep expertise in the global media community and are helping us develop a robust revenue channel and distribution into North American media outlets. The timing is perfect as we celebrate PS’s 30th anniversary continuing our mission to provide all people wherever they live, whatever their income, and whatever language they use access to the highest-quality analysis, from a broad range of perspectives, of the events, trends, and forces shaping their lives”, he added.

In the past year Project Syndicate commentaries were published a total of 18,350 times around the world. Contributors are politicians, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists including: Slavoj iek, Nouriel Roubini, Mohamed A. El-Erian, Joseph Stiglitz, Ashoka Mody, Nina L. Khrushceva, Antara Haldar, Anne O. Kreuger, Mariana Mazzucato, Jayati Ghosh, and more.

“All media outlets, regardless of size or editorial budget, can now offer analysis by distinguished authors on a wide range of topics”, said Paul Gerbino, President of CLI. “This is a great opportunity for editors to raise the editorial bar for their readership, deepening their understanding of the forces and trends impacting the world. We’re proud to represent such a high calibur publisher”, he added.

Publishers can access PS content in a variety of ways  in their email inbox via the Editors Intranet (EdNet) web portal; via their content management systems (direct integration); and access to high-resolution author photos. Weekly advisories are also shared to let editors know which commentaries are forthcoming.

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