Creative Licensing International Selects Dan Schaible to Lead Operations and Client Success

(New Jersey, USA – September 6, 2022) – Triumvirate Content Consultants (TCC), a top digital media consultancy that finds opportunity and sources of new revenue for its publishing and content producing clients, today announced that Dan Schaible has joined the team to lead operations and client success.

“We’re excited to have Dan join the Triumvirate team,” said Paul Gerbino, President of TCC. “The key to a strong content licensing business is understanding the needs of the licensee and the publisher. Great content, distributed beyond a publisher’s core audience means that this knowledge is being disseminated and used to make lives better, as well as creating new revenues for publishers from existing assets. Dan brings that holistic approach,” he added.

Before joining TCC Mr. Schaible engineered the North America reorganization for pressrelations, GmbH; a media monitoring and analysis company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. Prior to this, he ran License League, an advocacy, advisory, and licensing company he founded, focused on the development of new revenue streams for media based on the monetization of content at the article level. Before License League, he held leadership roles at BurrellesLuce, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Spectrum Newspaper, The NY Post, and the Star Ledger.

Mr. Schaible served on the boards of the content division of the Software Information Industry Association (SIIA), and the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC); and was awarded a Lifetime Fellowship by AMEC. He holds a degree from Montclair State University.

“I’m delighted to join Paul and his team,” said Mr. Schaible. “TCC, like me, is passionate about building innovation and helping publishers realize the value of their content by discovering and meeting the needs of the content users. I look forward to supporting TCC’s publishers and content providers by realizing productive ways to better leverage their assets and expand their content revenues,” he added.

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